For AUDI A5(B8)(2009~2017)/Air suspension kit /airstrut coilover air spring assembly /Auto parts/air spring/pneumatic

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---A4 Quattro & S4, RS4 and Cabriolet all engines/models 2009-2016

---A5(B8) ,COUPE,Quattro & S5, RS5 and Cabriolet (2009-2017)

----Audi Allroad 2009-2016


2.This air strut pack including:

-------4 * AIRMEXT Coilover shock absorber (2 for front and 2 for rear)

-------4 * AIRMEXT Rubber air spring (2 for front and 2 for rear)

-------2 * spacers + bolts

-------4 * 1/8NPT air fittings

-------4 * dampers

-------2 *spanners (wrenches)

-------2 * sway bar (optional if needed)

-------2 * Pillow ball camber plate (optional and extra charged,pls contact with on-line service)


3. Features:


-----32-level adjustable Damping

which allow you the ability to dial in your air suspension even further. Set damping softer (counterclockwise) or stiffer (clockwise) by simply inserting the included damping knob and turning it either way.


-----Threaded & adjustable shock mounts

Adding further tuning of your ride height at any PSI setting you chose is the ability to have an adjustable  mount just like coilover kits. The benefit to this is being able to get the perfect ride height at basically any PSI you are comfortable driving at.


-----125mm drop (front &rear)

Front and rear air strut with 125mm drop (stroke) that lift & lower your car body at random, work with AIRMEXT G5 air management to be 3-level memoried height adjusted.


-----High Pressure Double Bellows Progressive Rate Spring

Engineered and designed to match your vehicle, slim double bellow type bags are available depending on what type of OEM suspension your vehicle has. Air pressure directly corresponds with how stiff or soft your car rides. Higher PSI = stiffer ride. LoweRR PSI = softer ride. Each car is different and it may take some time to dial in your preferred settings.


----High Performance AIRMEXT Shock Absorbers

Every air strut kit comes with the same quality shocks that are standard in our  coilover systems. Air strut shocks have a different internal valving setting to accommodate changes in PSI.


-----12 Month Limited Warranty
Our warranty is 12 months from the original date of purchase which covers manufacturer defects


4.This item is just air strut part of one complete set air suspension system, you need to match other accessories  as per your interest. AIRMEXT,ACCUAIR, AIRLIFT controlling system etc.


5.It is to adjust the height of chassis by automatically control, rise automatically 

when driving while lower when car parks,  ability of shock absorption can be adjusted at random, 

significantly improve the comfort. 








Please note: This AIR MANAGEMENT are for ALL car model fitted


------------Accessories are exact same as pics showed, including:

Electronically controlled air suspension system, also known as the control unit is the core part of the air suspension system and electric control system has the versatility, can be applied to all models, electronic control system for the button panel Airllen AG and wireless remote control lift, have both before and after lifting function, supporting Airllen AG ECU to control computer, key-press panel and ECU, the ECU and solenoid valve only need a cable to plug connection between line, wiring simple. Want to know detailed content can also be the message consulting with businesses.



1. wired remote control, four-wheel independent control, display the barometer display air pressure

2.Four-wheel independent trimming adjustment Followed by memory function is round

3.Rise and down at the same time

4.Three section height memory adjustable

5.Automatical Security check&Ajusting

6. Display precision : up to 1 PSI

7. Memory accuracy: up to 3 PSI

8.LED screen with graphic display

9.Function button backlit LCD interface

Whole Stroke of adjusting height of car body: 8cm~15cm


-------------Configuration list:

1, AIRMEXT wired remote control * 1 piece + Wireless controller *1 piece

2, AIRMEXT ECU * 1 piece

3, AIRMEXT single pump power control box* 1 piece

4, AIRMEXT Electromagnetic valve box (Including 8 and 4 sensors solenoid, upgrade the integrated electromagnetic valve body pls contact

5, connecting Line * 2 pcs


------------Others Notes:

-----This air suspension system is used to refit cars which weigh less than 2T , Adjusted the chassis height Drive automatically rises, rise automatically when driving while lower when cars park, ability of shock absorption can be adjusted at random, significantly improve the comfort.

-----This is customized product as per your detailed car model , please contact with our service person before you make order and clairify your car information so that we can supply the accurate one.

-----The weight of whole set air suspension system is around 30kg., so that EXPRESS freight will be higher, if you hope that we can send goods by other shipping ways, just leave message here, we will reply you asap and provide service!

----You can make choice to buy only air suspension(with or without coilover shock absorber),Pls leave message with your email or cell phone number, and we will contact you asap.

?Seeing High Quality of AIRMEXT air suspension from workmanship details----


     Smooth and Fluent thread pitch


Seeing High Quality of AIRMEXT air suspension from workmanship details----   

     Perfect Anodizing processing for camber plate (top mount)IMG_3899(2)Seeing High Quality of AIRMEXT air suspension from workmanship details----

     Perfect & smooth Black Anodizing processing for damper strut 


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