AIRMEXT® / SN X5(V3) /air management Top Grade Air suspension system Electronic Controll System/pneumatic/airlift

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Product Name:
AIRMEXT Top Grade air management kit

Type No:

SN X5 (V3)
---Electronically controlled air suspension system, also known as the control unit is the core part of the air suspension system and electric control system has the versatility, can be applied to all models, electronic control system for the button panel , wireless remote control lift, have both before and after lifting function, supporting  ECU to control computer, key-press panel and ECU, the ECU and solenoid valve only need a cable to plug connection between line, wiring simple. Want to know detailed content can also be the message consulting with businesses.


Product features compared with SN X5 (V2)-----
1.Manifold valve Backlight adjustable (RED,GREEN, BLUE,PURPLE)

2. Wired controller backlight changable (RED,GREEN,BLUE)

3.V3 APP with 3 kinds of skin (background) swicthable

4.plug and play, very easy to connect

5.pressure switch bulit-in (in manifold solenoid valve)
6.Already fix all bug and updated software, super stable
7.Better material quality (silicon chip ,valve etc)
8: air tank pressure can be pre-set:
----The working setting of the air pump: when the pressure value of the air tank is lower than the start set value, the air pump starts to work; conversely, when the pressure value of the air tank is higher than the stop set value, the air pump stops working.
9:Acrylic panel is nicer than alloy aluminum cover , and better signal reception capability
10. 5-level preset, MORE accurate memory value and precise adjustment
For more details and Demo, pls followus on INSTAGRAM:  airmext_airsuspension_official

---- Four wheels independently controlled (RISE/DROP)

* Front 2 wheels Rise/Drop at same time

* Rear 2 wheels Rise/Drop at same time

* 4 Wheels Rise/Drop at same time

-----Four wheels Slightly adjustable

---- wired controller, wireless controller (optional)

----Cellphone APP control  (IOS and Android available)

----12kinds of language available :Chinese, Traditional Chinese,English, Japanese,Spainish,French,Thai,Korean,Russian,Dutch,Arabic,German

---- 5-Level height memory preseted /adjustable

----Password changable

---- Long press up/down button to the end

---- LED Display for Pressure (PSI)

Display precision : up to 1 PSI

Memory accuracy: up to 3 PSI

---- Automatical Security Checking & Adjusting

---- Whole stroke of car body RISE/ DROP (5.9’’)


1, AIRMEXT wired controller *1 piece

2.Manifold solenoid Valve * 1 piece

3.cable /wiring harness + air fittings&connectors: 1 set

4. Instruction Manual : 1 piece

-----------------------------------------DETAILS DISPLAY---------------------------------------

                     PARTS SHOW
AIRMEXT SN X5-- Manifold solenoid Valve

                                          AIRMEXT SN X5 (V3)---Wired controller

                                      AIRMEXT SN X5 (V3)---PACKING box (LEFT is V3, right is V2)           

    AIRMEXT SN X5 (V3)---Modeling display

NEW APP for SN X5 for APP Store and Google Play ,OR download at our official website, coming soon on around May 30

Features for V3 APP:

3 skin (background) switchable, 12 kinds of language changable

Air Pressure
Brand Name:
Mainland China
AIRMEXT top grade air management
Product No:
SN X5 V3
Car model fitment:
all car types need to update air suspension
lifetime for non-human damage
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